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  • Keeler Practitioner Diagnostic Set

    Keeler Practitioner Diagnostic Set


    FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 1-2 WORKING DAYS Keeler Practitioner / Fibre Optic Diagnostic Set with Slim Line 2.8V Battery Handle. Contains Practitioner Ophthalmoscope, Fibre Optic Otoscope and Slim Line Battery Handle. • 2.8V illumination • Robust...

  • Opticlar Mini Pro LED Pocket Diagnostic Set


    FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 5-7 WORKING DAYS Opticlar VisonMed P2 Pocket diagnostic set with LED P2 F.O Otoscope and LED P2 Pocket Pro Opthalmoscope, disposable ear tips in Zip case. 1 x P2 Pocket handle with AA batteries. Sliding on/off switch.Features •LED...