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​A Christmas Thank You to our NHS Staff

​A Christmas Thank You to our NHS Staff

Christmas is coming and for the second year in a row we’re facing another festive season marred by the threat of illness from coronavirus. The best place for us to be is at home but, of course, that's not an option for so many of our NHS workers.

Across the country, key workers on the frontline of this health pandemic are continuing to put themselves at risk to look after the nation. 

So we think that this Christmas they deserve an enormous THANK YOU from us all.


We, at Mediworld, work very closely with health professionals across the country and have heard many stories about medical teams and individuals putting their lives at risk every day to make sure that every patient they treat has the best possible outcome and care. All of that during one of the scariest and most risky times for our communal health in living memory.

It’s very easy to take free health care, a functioning NHS system and innovative medical science for granted. But after almost 2 years of unprecedented pressure on the system and the people who make it work, it’s definitely time to take stock and recognise the enormous effort that it’s taken to look after the nation during this covid-19 pandemic.

Worn Out Staff

The effects of the pandemic are still largely being felt in the medical community and the professionals in the industry are worn out. There have been many reports of the NHS as a whole being overwhelmed, and more recently there has been a nursing crisis. Not only are there drastic amounts of vacancies in nursing positions around the country, but the mental and physical health of those currently working has been declining.

Their jobs are far from easy at the best of times, but right now, they are working in untested waters and they are struggling.

Giving Thanks

Most of us will have shown our appreciation for the NHS staff and frontline medical workers at some point over the last 2 years. Clapping on our doorsteps, rainbows in windows and posts of gratitude on our social media feeds. While these may seem like tiny gestures, they are at least moments of reflection and have hopefully served to remind us how important these workers have been during the pandemic.

But perhaps during this season of goodwill we might want to show a greater appreciation for those people who will be working tirelessly, through the nights, on Christmas day & away from their families to care for others and save lives.

Who to Thank

Of course, our doctors and nurses, GPs, surgeons and front-of house hospital staff immediately spring to mind. But let’s not forget the paramedics, x-ray staff, the anesthetists, pharmacist, lab technicians and support staff.

The hospital porters, cleaners, admin & kitchen staff as well as maintenance workers all play their important part in making sure we can access safe health care.

And of course, the scientists across the country who have proved so invaluable to the world in discovering formulae for vaccines and drugs to help treat covid patients in hospitals. Their ongoing work is progressing at incredible speeds and will, we hope, eventually allow us to return to what we remember as a normal way of life, pre-pandemic.

And finally to the carers, in homes, clinics, hospitals and private houses looking after our elderly, disabled and vulnerable. They have put themselves at great risk over the course of the pandemic, in very difficult circumstances.

Warmest Wishes

So this Christmas the Mediworld team is sending a very special and heartfelt thank you to you, our essential and hardworking medical professionals. We are incredibly lucky to have you. We wish you a Christmas with hope and health for now and the coming year.

Thank you. 

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