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5 Great Practical Easter Gifts

5 Great Practical Easter Gifts
With the flowers blooming and the temperature dial starting to (slowly!) creep up, it looks like we might have made it out of another long winter here in the UK. That can only mean one thing - Easter is just around the corner.

But what if you don’t fancy gorging on chocolate eggs this year, or if you’re looking to treat your loved ones to something a little different this Easter?

Here’s our top five Mediworld gifts for Easter 2022 filled with alternative gift ideas for something a little more thoughtful this year.

Practical Aids for the Elderly

When it comes to buying for your elderly relatives this Easter, our experience tells us that something practical to help with daily life is always a winner.

If your elderly or less mobile loved one needs extra help with cooking and managing the kitchen we have lots of great kitchen-aid accessories to make life a bit easier.

This kettle tipper is designed to avoid any burns and spills when making a cup of tea as it supports the kettle during pouring. The kettle support really does give peace of mind and is an ideal kitchen accessory for independent living for the elderly, stroke patients or those recovering from surgery.

Another great gift could be this very handy non-slip jar and bottle opener making it easier to open those stiff and stubborn glass jars and bottles.

Or maybe your best Easter gift this year will be a lovely folding wooden tray for breakfast in bed or for reading or writing in bed or on the sofa. The wooden legs on the bed tray fold out to be placed over your legs and the table top surface is laminated for easy cleaning.

For the Walking Enthusiast (who might need a bit of help)

It’s no secret that we’re huge advocates of a good walk here at Mediworld. If you’re able to get out into the fresh air, whether to walk (aided or unaided) or to enjoy the scenery from your chair, the benefits to your mental and physical wellbeing are innumerable. If your loved one needs a bit of support when walking then why not brighten up their spring walks with one of these gorgeous patterned walking sticks or, our favourite, walking stick with three legged stool for taking a seat to enjoy the view. 

Choose from our range of fun patterned walking sticks like this lovely zebra striped folding walking stick or this stylish plain, folding walking stick. The perfect gift for the elderly or less mobile walker in your life.

For the Activity Lover

This has become one of the must-have items of the last two years - the physio massage gun is perfect for easing tense and sore muscles at home. It’s a great gift for active people, sports enthusiasts or even those who’re spending a lot of time getting the garden ready for summer. It’s also a fantastic tool for anyone who spends long days on their feet or suffers from general aches and pains in their muscles.

The Physio Massage Gun uses a high frequency pulse action to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and can be used to help ease muscle tension and promote recovery.

We’ve tried it and we genuinely wouldn’t live without ours!

For Something a Little Bit Special

If your elderly or less mobile loved one is struggling to get comfortable when seated or has trouble getting in and out of their chair at home, it might be time to invest in a rise and recline chair

Perhaps their knees, hips, back and sides all ache and they’re no longer confidently able to support themselves when moving from a seated to standing position (or the other way around).

We’re one of the largest stockists and experts on mobility aids, including rise and recline chairs, and can recommend the perfect chair for your needs. 

Today, chairs are stylish and come in a range of colours and fabrics, meaning there is a chair to suit every home.

While it might seem like an expensive purchase, without a doubt, the benefits of using a rise and recliner chair far outweigh the cost of buying one.

Gift Voucher

And finally, if you’re not sure what to buy how about a Mediworld Gift Certificate? Valid for 2 years, you can choose the exact amount you’d like to spend and we can even theme it with an Easter message for you.

You can shop online with us for delivery or local click and collect. Or you can pop in to our showroom in Streatham or call us on +44 (0) 20 8764 1806 to order.

Wishing you a lovely Easter. Please Shop Locally to support small, independent businesses like ours.

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