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  • Zoll® AED Plus semi-automatic defibrillator

Zoll® AED Plus semi-automatic defibrillator

£1,229.00 (inc. VAT)
£1,024.17 (ex. VAT)
£1,229.00 (inc. VAT)
SKU: H40017


Our best selling, full rescue, semi automatic AED. Simple displays and voice prompts guide the user through exactly what to do if someone goes into cardiac arrest.

• A straight forward, simple defibrillator with clear, step by step instructions

• Prompts the user with text, images and voice

• Can be used easily by anyone - from passers by, minimally trained first aiders and medical professionals

• Adaptive metronome guides the user to the correct rate and depth for accurate chest compressions

• Ensures everything is done in order

• Detects heart rhythm and if needed instructs the rescuer

• If shocks are required, they are delivered rapidly to the casualty and safely to the user

• Can be used on children up to 8 years of age using pedi padz® II electrodes

• The lid, if needed, can be used as a shoulder support to keep the casualty’s airway open

• Great value for money low cost solution.

More information:

• Full-rescue AED that provides Real CPR Help® for rate and depth of chest compressions

• One piece, easy to place pre-connected CPR-D•padz® electrodes with a five year shelf life

• Semi-automatic - administers a shock at the press of a button

• While some Biphasic Waveforms can offer equivalent performance with less energy, the ZOLL® Rectilinear Biphasic® Waveform (RBW) featured on our AEDs is the only Biphasic Waveform that has demonstrated clinically superior results as compared to monophasic waveforms for all clinical applications

• The only AED to use inexpensive 123 photo flash lithium batteries that are readily available from most department, camera and electronic stores.

Suitable for: Public areas, airports, cruise liners, shopping centres and retail outlets. Community first responders

Contents: Defibrillator, soft case, ten batteries, CPR-D•padz® electrodes with first responder kit and operator’s guide and DVD

At a glance:

Semi automatic

Manual override: No

Screen: Yes

ECG display: No

ECG capability: Configurable option 

Voice prompts for AED and CPR: Yes

Battery: Lithium – 10 x 123A photo flash – 5 year shelf life

Pads / electrodes: SMART PADS – 2 year shelf life

Pads pre-connected: Yes

Energy selection – adult: 120 - 200 Joules

Infant/child capability: Yes, using infant / child.pedi•padz II [LINK]

Energy selection - child: 50 - 85 Joules

Self tests: Yes

IP rating: IP55

Drop abuse/tolerance: 1.5m

Training version available: Yes Zoll AED Plus® Trainer 2 - Defibrillator training device

Guarantee: 7 years