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Slide Sheets

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Manufactured from lightweight and durable, coated nylon these low friction slide sheets provide a versatile and economical transfer and positioning aid. The Multi-Mover Basic Slide Sheets have tape free edges, making them more suitable for clients at particular risk of skin friction during insertion. Available in four new sizes to suit most repositioning situations. Each size is a different colour to aid identification. Wash at up to 70°C. Nottingham Rehab Supplies offers a comprehensive range of multi-glide sheets covering a wide range of sizes and applications, including our original Patient Multi-Mover Plus range and, for single client use, the Patient Specific range. An essential and easy to use Moving & Handling tool for any Carer, Occupational Therapist or Healthcare Professional to aid moving and repositioning.

Enables a carer to more easily slide a person up/down the bed, turn over in bed or perform any other task that require a sliding movement.