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  • OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR 5 L with nebulizing function

OXYGEN CONCENTRATOR 5 L with nebulizing function

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£1,140.00 (inc. VAT)
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5 liters oxigen concentrator with nebulizing function.

Bionic and streamlined fashion design, which won the national outlook top award-Red Star Award.
Low noise achieved by using advanced round airway and multi-level noise decreasing design.
Large LCD screen for clearer figures.
Cumulative time metering and timing off function.
Fault self-detection system.

Four alarm functions:
- power failure alarm
- low oxygen concentration alarm
- pressure cycle failure alarm
- compressor failure alarm

Nebulizing function:
Oxygen concentrator (with nebulizer function) uses the combination of oxygen uptake and atomization function to offer clean and safe air.
It assists in atomized treatment while maintaining the same oxygen concentration.

• Flow range: 0,5 ~ 5l/min
• Oxygen concentration: 95.5% ~ 87%
• Output pressure: 40 ~ 70 kPa
• Operation noise level: = 53 dB (A)
• Input power: 400VA
• Net/gross weight: 25/27kg
• Packing size: 62x37xh 71 cm
• Operating voltage: 230 V - 50 Hz (110 V - 60 Hz on request)