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  • MINIMAX Nebuliser

MINIMAX Nebuliser

£40.61 (inc. VAT)
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£40.61 (inc. VAT)
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MINIMAX is a device for aerosoltherapy turning liquid solutions into an aerosol with fine particles that can reach deep airways. MINIMAX is designed for home-care with compact size and carrying bag for easy transport of unit, accessories and medications.

Compressor: Oiless and maintenance-free piston pump

Power Feeding: 230V-50Hz - other configs on request

Power consumption: 170A

Max Pressure: 2.5 bar - 36 psi - 250 kPa

Operating Pressure: 1.1 bar - 16 psi - 110 kPa

Max Air Flow: 14 l/min

Operating Air Flow: 4,8 l/min

Neb-rate with 4 ml solution: 0,35 ml/min

Mass Median Aerodinamic Diameter: 2,44 (MMAD) according to EN-13544-1

Respirable Fraction  > 80%

Duty Cycle: Ton: 20min | Toff: 40min

Noise Level (EN 13544-1 Standard): Approx. 60 dBA

Weight: 1,45 kg

Size (Main Unit): cm 13 x 10 x 15

Years of Warranty: 3

Shipping carton: 6

Place of Manufacturing: Italy