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  • ALCOHOL TESTER - with display ALCOHOL TESTER - with display

    ALCOHOL TESTER - with display


    Compact device to measure alcohol concentration in your breath.Digital/graphic interface and animation, one-hand operation. ‰ BAC values.Large display to read exact value of your breath (2 colour backlight).If the result exceeds alcohol limit, the...

  • Body Fat Analyzer

    Body Fat Analyzer


    Ideal for dieticians, gymnasia and sports centres, it is perfect also for homecare. It will help manage nutrition, fitness and weight control and can indicate if you are at the right weight and also whether or not you are nutritionally healthy. Advanced...

  • Braun Thermoscan Probe Covers

    Braun Thermoscan Probe Covers


    Suitable for use with all Braun ThermoScan ear thermometers, these covers protect the thermometer lens from damage which may affect accuracy. They also eliminate the risk of transferring germs around the family. Pack of 40.

  • Buck Neurological Hammer

    Buck Neurological Hammer


    The Buck Neurological Hammers is designed to elicit myotatic reflexes and neurologic responses. It features a removable pin, brush and dual bumpers for reflex tests. It also has a 6.75" handle length for easy handling.