Adjustable Height Patient Trolley

£2,025.00 £2,430.00 inc. VAT


Adjustable height patient trolley with:

• Trendelenburg (TR)
• Reverse Trendelenburg (RTR)
• Side rails

Platform composed by two epoxy powder coated steel RAI 1013 ivory welded mesh sections, detachable for cleaning, fitted on nylon supports and placed on steel crossbar covered with rigid PVC profile. Raising and lowering by gas spring with lever set on the same section.
Trolley structure with a rounded section profile coated with epoxy powder RAI 1013 ivory. Adjustable height by oleodinamic pump from 50 cm to 80 cm with foot control lever. TR-RTR position controlled by handle at the foot of the trolley.
M echanical braking. inclination and platform check by a level bubble. TR 14° - RTR 11°.
Swivelling castors Ø 200 mm, one which directional.

• Made in Italy

    Product Information

    • Overall size: 202 x 76 x 75 h cm
    • Mattres platform size: 190 x 60 x 50/80 h cm
    • Weight: 88 kg
    • Volume: 0.65 m3

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