Massage Bubble Foot Spa

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The bubble foot spa with massage is simple to use and provides relief after a long day on your feet; relaxing your aches and pains and helping to gently soften hard skin. The bubbles feel like a frothy bubble bath, while the stimulation nodes act as gentle fingers to make contact with the soles of your feet and give you an effective and invigorating massage. With a heating function to keep your warmed water at the right temperature, the vibration massage and bubbles will relax and invigorate.

    Product Information
    • Relaxes your aches and pains and helps to gently soften hard skin.
    • Massage gives the soles of your feet a vibration massage.
    • Bubbles provide a relaxing foot bath in warm water with a frothy, bubble bath feel
    • Warmth keeps the water at the correct temperature allowing you to relax for longer
    • Simple to use
    • Depth (mm): 380
    • Height (mm): 140
    • Width (mm): 330
    • Product Dimensions (mm): 140x330x380
    • Net weight (kg): 1
    • Capacity (litres): 3.5
    • Colour: WHITE/PINK
    • Main body material: PP and ABS
    • Size: 140x330x380
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