Multi Purpose Raiser Unit

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Multi-Purpose Furniture Raiser raises beds, chairs and settees.The Langham Products Multi-Purpose Raiser is unique in its design and versatility. It has been carefully developed using over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in raising furniture, coupled with the feedback received from occupational therapists. This is the first linked raiser that has been designed specifically to raise chairs, settees and beds equally well. The Multi-Purpose Raiser has been designed to be discreet when used under furniture, with the least intrusion and maximum support giving security and reassurance. Each support pivots on the link bars to ensure a snug fit to the side of the furniture either at the corner or as a central support along the side of the bed supported.

    Product Information

    The whole unit is height adjustable with simple to use clip on sections, each 20mm (3/4"), giving a wide range of heights.
    Parts: LP/MPR-BK: MPR raiser unit, LP/MPR/BASE-BK: clip on height sections, LP/MPR/SB: spreader bars and wing nuts
    One pair of leg support linked with a bolt and wing nut. Minimum of two sets required per chair.

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