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Heat Treatment

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  • Ice Bag

    Ice Bag


    Ice Bag - red rubberThe screw top Mueller Cotton/Rubber Ice Bag can be filled with crushed ice, ice cubes or ice-cold water. Strong and flexible, this ice bag will give a long lasting and therapeutic cooling effect for strains, sprains, knocks and...

  • Infrared Lamp

    Infrared Lamp


    Beurer Infrared Lamp IL21 is simple and easy to use. Plug in and direct the soothing warm irradiation on to the treated area for approximately 12 minutes. The distance from the skin should be approximately 80 cm (32") and producing a pleasant warming...

  • Infrared Massager 1

    Infrared Massager 1


    The rotating head of the Beurer MG40 Infrared Massager means all parts of the body can be reached easily. It also means you can position the handle comfortable for you which is a real benefit if you suffer rheumatic conditions such as arthritis. Massage...

  • Koolpak Instant Ice Pack

    Koolpak Instant Ice Pack


    • Simply squeeze the non-woven pack to activate and it turns cold in seconds, to provide instant treatment • Single use disposable design provides a convenient and effective means of instantly treating bumps, bruises, strains and sprains •...

  • Koolpak® Reusable Hot/Cold Pack Koolpak® Reusable Hot/Cold Pack

    Koolpak® Reusable Hot/Cold Pack


    • Heated it increases circulation to injured areas • Chilled it reduces swelling • Gives effective relief from muscular and joint aches, pains and strains • Ideal for sports injuries • Stays cooler longer than a standard ice...

  • Theraflex Re-Usable Hot/Cold Pack

    Theraflex Re-Usable Hot/Cold Pack


    Theraflex Hot/Cold packs are ideal for all clinical applications.  Flexible when frozen, reusable and filled with a non-toxic, biodegradeable gel.  The wrapper is also recyclable.  The packs are leakproof providing added safety for...