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  • Evacusafe Excel Tracked Evacuation Chair

Evacusafe Excel Tracked Evacuation Chair

£825.00 (inc. VAT)
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£825.00 (inc. VAT)
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The Evacusafe Excel tracked evacuation chair is designed for the safe and comfortable evacuation of mobility impaired people in an emergency such as a fire. The one step setup makes the chair fast and easy to use. Lightweight, comfortable and strong this chair is ideal for use in buildings with stairs such as offices and hotels. It can be used on fire escapes, flat surfaces and downstairs. The built-in carry handles also allow the chair to be used up stairs and the handles can be folded in to turn it in to a temporary wheelchair.

Evacusafe Excel chair features:

• Easy to move

• Foot rest, cushioned head rest, wide chair and seat for comfort

• Leg support strap and full chest support strap (quick release)

• Weight bearing arm rests

• Foot operated brake

• Folds flat for easy storage

• Large load capacity of up 160kg

• Supplied with chair cover, hooks, overhead sign, instruction manual and DVD-ROM