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    DIATERMO 106 - 50W - monopolar

    DIATERMO 106 - 50W - monopolar


    This HF electrosurgery unit is particularly suitable for small operations and is recommended for dentistry, first aid and dermatology work.It offers precision of cut and immediate coagulation and give excellent results in a wide range of applications:...

  • DIATERMO MB 120D - mono-bipolar - 120 W

    DIATERMO MB 120D - mono-bipolar - 120 W


    MB 120D is an high frequency electrosurgical unit suitable for minor and medium surgery. MB allow pure CUT, cut-coagulation BLEND, superficial coagulation FORCED COAG, deep coagulation in absence of necrosis SOFT COAG and, with forceps, BIPOLAR...

  • Tens Machine TPN 200 Plus

    Tens Machine TPN 200 Plus


    This product is eligible for VAT Exemption. Please claim your VAT Exemption at checkout. The new TENS Machine TPN200 + model from Patterson Medical has been proven to be effective on a wide range of chronic and acute pain conditions including muscle and...