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Electrical Lifter 200 - Max Load 200 kg

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Electrical Lifter 200 - Max Load 200 kg

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Up and down movements through an electric motor 24 V D.C. and push button. Adjustable base 63 to 105 cm controlled by a manual device for an easy access to narrow places. Painted steel frame. Anti trauma push-handle. 2 rear castors Ø 100 mm, with independent brake and 2 front castors Ø 80 mm. 
Battery fed with current transformer with an emergency push-button for the immediate stop of the movement and free up/down piston-stroke. Supplied with tetraplegic sling Made in Italy.

• Weight: 50 kg
• Lenght 134 cm
• Adjustable base: 63 to 105 cm
• Sling support: min h 82 cm, max h 177 cm