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  • DIATERMO MB 120D - mono-bipolar - 120 W

DIATERMO MB 120D - mono-bipolar - 120 W

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£960.00 (inc. VAT)
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MB 120D is an high frequency electrosurgical unit suitable for minor and medium surgery. MB allow pure CUT, cut-coagulation BLEND, superficial coagulation FORCED COAG, deep coagulation in absence of necrosis SOFT COAG and, with forceps, BIPOLAR coagulation. The digital reading of delivered power and the monitoring of operative function by microcontroller guarantees absolute reliability of working conditions. MB allow a highly professional surgery through ergonomic and safety features. The connection of neutral electrode is constantly monitored. Safety control of patient/plate contact using split neutral electrode. Possibility to control the output functions and the delivery of output power by the handle, allows the surgical operation without diverting attention from the surgical field.

- Minimum invasive surgery.
- Possibility to use bipolar forceps.
- Possibility to use split neutral electrodes.
- Memorization of the last used settings.
- Power activation by pedal and/or handle.
- Digital adjustment and indication of the output power.
- Adjustment of the acoustic indicator intensity.

• Potenza max CUT: 120 W-250 O
• Potenza max BLEND: 90 W-200 O
• Potenza max FORCED COAG: 80 W-150 O
• Potenza max SOFT COAG: 60 W-100 O
• Potenza max BIPOLAR: 40 W-100 O
• Frequenza di lavoro: 600 KHz
• Elettrodo neutro: F
• Alimentzione selezionabile: 115 - 230 Vac
• Frequenza di rete: 50 - 60 Hz
• Potenza massima assorbita: 300 VA
• Dimensioni WxHxD: 254 x 104 x Peso: 5 kg
• Controlli: Controllo circuito placca/paziente OC, controllo della potenza emessa, autodiagnosi
• Sicurezza: EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2, EN60601-2-2,
• Classificazione elettrica: I CF; MDD 93/42/EC Class: II b

• Single use two button handle
• MB operative foot-switch (usable as alternative to handle)
• MB flat neutral plate (30566) and cable (30559)
• Kit of 6 short autoclavable electrodes, Ø 2.4 mm
• Power cable 2 m - Schuko plug
• User manual: english, italian, available on request: french, spanish