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Why Lateral Flow Tests Will Get Us Out Of Lockdown

Why Lateral Flow Tests Will Get Us Out Of Lockdown

Social distancing, mask-wearing and regular washing of our hands. Making sure we’re vaccinated when invited to be so. Both of these things are playing a crucial and effective part in the battle against Covid-19.

However, the virus is still spreading, and new outbreaks & variants are regularly occurring, so it’s become hugely important to add one other element into the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

Regular, simple rapid testing.

Why Is Rapid Testing Important?

The roll out of the vaccine programme in the UK has, thus far, proved to be an overwhelming success. To date, over 40 million adults have received at least one dose of vaccination in what has become the biggest inoculation programme the country has ever run. Hospital admission numbers are falling as are deaths, yet the Covid-19 virus continues to spread in the population and symptoms are changing as it does so.

So it’s vitally important that we all play our part and keep testing. In fact, using a lateral flow test kit twice a week at home or work is one of the most important ways we can all play our part in helping our communities and the country at large right now.

What is Rapid Testing?

The introduction of rapid flow Antigen test kits (or lateral flow test) has been a game changer for the overall Covid-19 testing programme both here and around the globe. Rapid testing can be done at home or in the workplace e.g. without the need for a laboratory, and results appear within just 15 - 30 minutes.

Antigen Lateral Flow Test Kits include a handheld swab for taking the sample from the nose and throat, a testing solution which is mixed with the sample and a test strip which produces the final result.

What Does a Lateral Flow Test Kit Detect?

Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus will experience no symptoms and may be spreading the virus unwittingly. Rapid testing kits detect the disease quickly, meaning positive cases can isolate immediately and limit the spread of the virus.

Regular, twice weekly, rapid testing is one of the simplest and easiest ways we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, and help to speed up the route to easing restrictions and returning to a normal life.

Who Should Take a Lateral Flow Test?

Unlike PCR testing which takes place in designated test centres, you can regularly take a lateral flow test even if you have no symptoms. In fact, it’s wholeheartedly encouraged. Everyone over the age of 18 who has no symptoms should be testing twice weekly just now as part of their regular routine.

Many schools and workplaces are already practicing this to great effect. In fact since lateral flow testing kits were made available at the end of last year, over 60 million have been used resulting in thousands of asymptomatic cases being identified. That’s a huge result that has undoubtedly halted and shut down endless routes for the virus to spread.

Let’s Fight the Virus Together

Regardless of whether you’ve been vaccinated or not it’s still so important that we all continue to follow the guidelines AND engage in taking two rapid Covid-19 tests each and every week.

It’s become routine for us to wear masks, keep our distance and wash our hands so let’s start to make home or work testing part of our regular routine as well.

Testing twice weekly works. It’s helping to stop the spread. So make it part of your routine and do your bit to halt the virus and speed up the process to living a normal life once again.

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