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Tips on using a Massage Gun for Pain Relief

Tips on using a Massage Gun for Pain Relief

Massage guns have become the must-have accessory for post-workout pain relief, but they’re not just useful for sporty, athletic types. If you suffer from tight muscles after sitting all day, or have longer term pain from injury or over-use, a hand held massage gun can provide great relief from the pain and discomfort you’re feeling.

How do Massage Guns work for pain Relief?

The percussive movement of the hand held massage gun works to increase blood flow to your injured and painful muscles. When the blood flow increases, extra nutrients and oxygen are encouraged into the injured area and the body can start to heal and repair.

When your muscles are simply feeling tight and stressed a massage gun can help to break up adhesions in fascia - the connective tissue that covers your muscles making them become tight and painful.

What Areas of the Body Can I use my Massage Gun on?

massage gun can be used almost anywhere there is joint or muscle pain - shoulders, wrist, fingers, feet, back, hips, glutes, calves etc. The use of a massage gun provides swift pain relief, controls inflammation, eases soreness, and leads to quick recovery wherever it’s pointed.

For those hard-to-reach areas, like between fingers and toes, most massage guns on the market come with convenient attachments that allow even those tricky parts of the body to benefit from deep tissue massage. Or you could purchase a small massage gun designed for those harder to reach areas.

You can also use a massage gun to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, but should always consult your GP for advice beforehand.

Where Can’t I Use My Massage Gun?

Although massage guns can be used to massage almost any area of the body, there are a few areas to steer clear of. Avoid using the massage gun on the neck, head, or any injured muscles. You should never use a massage gun on a sprained or broken bone or joint, and should always avoid varicose veins or areas with gout e.g.

How Do I Use My Massage Gun?

If you’re new to using massage percussive therapy you should start out with sessions of just 15 - 30 secs on each of the affected areas. Once you are more used to the sensation the optimum amount of time to massage each area is two to three minutes. Allow your muscles to recover before returning to the same area and repeat the process once or twice each day until the muscle soreness has diminished.

Start by carefully running the massage gun along the sore muscle (avoiding bones, knee caps, ankles and elbow joints etc). Follow the muscle from top to bottom in a straight line then follow with circular movements to allow the blood to start flowing and the muscle tissue to start to ease.

Massage has been used for millennia to ease muscle pain and tension and the after effects on the body and the mind are widely recognised. Percussive therapy from a hand held massage gun can recreate many of the benefits of a Swedish massage for much less money and, conveniently, in your own time.

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