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​Should I buy a Rise & Recliner chair?

​Should I buy a Rise & Recliner chair?

If you’re at the stage where getting up from your living room chair is causing you no end of trouble or perhaps you’re suffering from arthritis, MS or other mobility issues, then it might be time to start considering investing in a rise & recliner chair.

Perhaps you can’t get comfortable when you sit down, no matter what kind of chair you’re in or how many cushions and back supports you’re using. Maybe your knees, hips, back and sides all ache and you’re no longer confidently able to support yourself when moving from a seated to standing position (or the other way around).

In all of these cases, a rise and recliner chair can improve your life and add that extra level of comfort when you have trouble getting in and out of a conventional chair at home.

So read on for our guide to buying a rise and recliner chair of your own.

The Benefits of Using a Recliner Chair

- Mobility – Having a rise and recliner chair gives you comfort and support whenever you sit and whenever you transition from sitting to standing. For many older people, this chair helps them to stand easier as the transition has been smoother and slower, and this action then reduces the risk of falling and injuries in the home.

The best rise and recliner chairs are motor operated so they gently transition & support you from one position to the next, and can offer a variety of sitting positions that can be achieved with just a push of a button - allowing you to switch position anytime you need to.

- Comfort - As well as offering a variety of sitting positions, rise and recliner chairs can also offer a snooze position, allowing you to lie flatter for a more comfortable nap.

- Pressure relief - sitting in a well supported, comfortable position helps to take the pressure away from your already aching joints, allowing them to rest and recover. A well supported rise and recliner chair can be hugely beneficial in this case for arthritis sufferers or people with chronic joint pain.

It is also useful if you find that, for age or health reasons, you’re sitting down for much of the day. Long hours spent seated can lead to the development of painful pressure sores which can take a long time to heal. By having a riser recliner chair, you can alter your position and take the pressure off the different parts of your body to help avoid developing sores.

- Independence - Many elderly people are ashamed to admit that they need help getting in and out of a chair. Some might even sit for much longer than they need or want to, to avoid asking for help, which can lead to many health and wellbeing problems. A rise and recliner chair keeps you independent for much longer, allowing you to dictate exactly how and when you sit in the chair and avoiding the need for embarrassment or help.

Which rise and recliner chair should I buy?

Although there is a wide variety of chairs on the market, the two best options to consider would be a single motor chair or a dual motor chair.

Single Motor Chairsingle motor rise and recliner chairs have one in-built motor that works the back and footrest simultaneously. So when the backrest is reclined the footrest will be risen. Single motor chairs are generally the cheaper options which makes them good, entry-level chairs. However, as you might expect, they do come with fewer options in terms of colours and fabrics, as well as fewer positions and options on board - while this might be less attractive for arthritis sufferers looking for a more comfortable chair, it could be an advantage for some users who might struggle with using complicated remote controls and devices.

Dual Motor Chair - dual motor recliner chairs have two or more motors which work the back and footrest independently, offering a greater variety of seating positions for the user. The extra functions on the dual motor chairs make them much more suitable for people with moderate to severe mobility issues as they offer a greater variety of subtly different seating, lying and rising positions. Generally speaking, double motor mobility chairs are more expensive than single motors, but as both styles of chair are an investment, it’s best to go with the chair that offers the right options for you.

Depending on the model, you can find both single and double motor chairs with a riser function which tips the seat base forward allowing the occupant to stand up.

Time to invest?

Today, chairs are stylish and come in a range of colours and fabrics, meaning there is a chair to suit every home. The other good news is that rise and recliner chairs are now very nice looking pieces of furniture that come in a huge variety of styles, colour and fabric - gone are the days when they wouldn’t have looked out of place in a hospital corridor or nursing home lounge.

While it might seem like an expensive purchase, without a doubt, the benefits of using a rise and recliner chair far outweigh the cost of buying one.

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