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Making Friends with your Walking Aid

Making Friends with your Walking Aid
For many people, the idea of using a walking stick or mobility aid feels like an admission of defeat or a sign of their impending infirmity. And, of course, we totally understand this concern. Society has set us all up to believe this.

There’s an understanding that if you’re in need of a walking aid, somehow, you’re no longer capable, you’re weak and perhaps your place in the world is diminishing. But we, at Mediworld, just don’t buy into this.

Ageing is difficult, we know.

For many of us, it comes with weaker muscles, reduced balance, possibly brittle bones and certainly an increased risk of falls and fractures. We all have to accept that if we are lucky enough to grow old, we’ll have to face some deterioration in our strength and mobility.

However, when the time comes that you start to notice you need just a little bit of help with walking and getting around, the best move is to embrace it with open arms and to seek advice on what walking stick or mobility aid would improve your wellbeing immediately. That’s where we can help.

Choose Activity

We see so many people in our business who are reluctant to start using walking aids, for fear of looking more infirm than they actually are. While at the same time, they’ll be struggling to get around as they used to, they might be forced to stop doing things that they have always enjoyed and will be slowly experiencing a decline in their fitness, strength and overall wellbeing as a result.

Rather than seeing a walking aid as a sign of infirmity, we see it as a sign of an active and safe older person. If you’re using a walking aid, you’re choosing to want an active life and we think that can only be a wonderfully positive thing!

By adopting the use of a walking aid you will find that:

  • Your confidence to get out and walk will soar.
  • Your fear (and risk) of falling will begin to minimise or, even, disappear completely.
  • You’ll be giving yourself the chance to increase your fitness.
  • Your independence will return and you’ll open up new opportunities to get out and enjoy the world around you.
  • You’ll feel like your old self again.

So if you need help to find the right walking aid for your life - whatever stage you’re at - we’d be glad to help. Let’s get you back on your feet and choosing to enable yourself. 

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April 2022