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Guide to Buying a Commode

Guide to Buying a Commode
When the time comes, a commode can be a very useful living aid that will make life a good deal easier for someone who needs extra support with toileting.

When it comes to buying a commode there are a few things to consider in terms of how, where and when it will be used, how mobile the user is and how much support they will have to use, clean and maintain it.

We hope this easy guide will help with choosing the right make of commode for your needs.

What is a commode?

Simply put it’s a portable toilet that sits inside a chair. It’s not plumbed in but uses a removable/washable pan underneath the seat which will be emptied and cleaned after each use.

When is it time to invest in a commode?

For someone living with incontinence a commode could make life much easier, and it can remove the frequency of accidents, embarrassment and anxiety.

If a person worries about having to be near a toilet at all times, having a commode nearby will remove any need to rush to the loo.

For those who are prone to falling over or less mobile, using a commode can eliminate the added stress and danger brought by needing to make urgent trips to the bathroom.

Which Type of Commode do I need?

There are a few different styles of commode chairs to choose from - ranging in price and function.

Wheeled Commode Chair

commode chair with wheels can be used and easily moved all around the house - giving greater flexibility. The user can wheel the chair to whichever room they are using, giving them peace of mind that they’ll never be far from a suitable toilet. The wheels also make it more convenient when emptying and cleaning as it can be taken easily and directly to a flushing toilet and sink area. 

The chair also has brakes for stability as well as sturdy handles to give the user greater stability when sitting down and standing up.

It can also be positioned over most standard WC units to provide a similar support frame when using the home toilet.

Shower/Bathroom Commode

If the house is unsuitable for a wheeled commode chair then a static commode chair like this could be an option. It can be used over a standard WC, as a seat in the shower or as a place to toilet in other rooms of the house (for example by the side of the bed).

It comes with a padded seat for comfort as well as for discretion when not in use. It’s also height adjustable and very lightweight for moving around the house.

Wicker Commode Chair

While it may be essential to have a commode in the house, it doesn’t always have to be obvious to others.

The luxury range of commodes are designed to look very much like regular lounge chairs and offer much more discretion for someone who may have regular visitors to the house.

The wicker commode chair and the deluxe commode chairs are at the higher end of the price scale and can be a bit more difficult to clean but they do offer a more comfortable seat and can more easily fit in with the other furniture.

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