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Easy Resolutions for a Healthy 2022

Easy Resolutions for a Healthy 2022

It’s that time of year again when we start to consider how to improve our life for the coming year ahead, when we start to make New Year resolutions to be more pro-active with our health and wellbeing.

Let’s face it though, we’ve all been here before and we know that sticking to a new, health regime can be daunting and many of us will have failed only weeks into the new year.

So, here are some ideas for how you can set some reasonable health goals for 2022 and how you can stick to them so you’ll be a healthier version of you this time next year.

Create a Realistic Goal

With any resolution you need to start with asking yourself what it is you actually want to achieve. Where do you want to be in 12 months time? What mini goals can you achieve along the way? And how can you achieve those and mark them with rewards or ceremony?

As they say, stay in your own lane and don’t be intimidated by other people’s resolutions. Yours should work for you and you only.

Write it Down

Whatever that goal is, write it down! Pin it to your noticeboard or to the fridge door. Make a commitment to the goal and to yourself.

Print out or make a progress chart so you can tick off the days/weeks/months and easily see your achievements. And don’t stress about set backs or days off - it’s the overall progression that’s important.

Keeping going in the right direction is all that matters with health goals.

Always Active

If you make just one resolution this year it should be to be more active. Adding just 10 minutes of extra activity to your day is one of the best things you can do for your health this year.

However, unless you’re in the elite athlete category, or you’re young and super fit, you might not be setting major goals like running a marathon or climbing the 3-peaks!

So keep your goals simple. 

Maybe plan to walk for 10 minutes every day or to dust off the bike in the shed and cycle for 20 - 30 minutes a couple of times a week. 

You might be in a wheelchair or your mobility is challenged in some way, and your goal might be to increase body strength or flexibility.

Simple Solutions = Successful Resolutions!

Once you’ve set your goal why not treat yourself to something that will make it easier to achieve?

If you’re planning to walk more, a simple solution to making it more comfortable is to use some cushioned silicone insoles. 

Want to be more active while you’re sitting at a desk all day? A pedal exerciser sits neatly under the desk and allows you to pedal away while you’re sending those emails and writing those documents.

Or if you finally want to improve your back pain, an easy to use posture brace can help to ease your pain and get you sitting and standing better with less rounded shoulders.

Learn to Love your Bed

Here’s an easy one to implement. 

Getting better sleep isn’t always as straight forward as we’d like and many of us suffer from insomnia or restless night caused by ill health, menopause or even stress. Working on dealing with these problems should definitely be a goal for 2022, perhaps just setting a target to begin the process if you think the end result of uninterrupted sleep is a long way off.

But improving your relationship with your sleeping space can be easily solved, and that’s a great first step to achieving better sleep in the long run.

Have a good clear out of your bedroom, make it a calm space to be in. Invest in a good mattress topper and memory foam pillow or V-shaped Pillow to get super comfy and make your sleeping space a place you want to spend time in.

Nourish Your Mindset

We like this one. Not only does committing to this one help to boost your mind and mental wellbeing but, hopefully, it will give you a list of great activities and memories by the end of 2022.

Explore your passions, take up new interests, visit new places and engage with those you love and those you are yet to meet.

Why not give yourself 12 goals - one for each month - that will improve your social well being or will engage you in a new task or interest. Try ideas like crafts, crosswords, yoga, museums & galleries, time with family or committing to finally reading (or writing!) that novel you’ve had in your mind. Set a monthly ‘challenge’ with one of these activities in mind, write it down, plan it, make a date with yourself and see how they improve your life as the months tick by this year.

Resolutions Should be Fun

Enjoy making those goals and make those goals enjoyable! When your goals really matter to you they become much easier to achieve and they’ll begin to influence everything you do. Staying realistic about what you can achieve will help you to get there.

What could be a better way to live in 2022 than that?

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