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5 Tips For Spending Christmas Alone

5 Tips For Spending Christmas Alone

5 tips for spending Christmas alone

We all know that, because of the Covid pandemic, this Christmas is going to be somewhat different from those gone by. In ‘normal’ times hundreds of thousands of people spend Christmas alone but in 2020 those figures are likely to sky-rocket with many of us isolating due to covid symptoms or to avoid unnecessary travel or contact.

But being unable to visit family and friends this Christmas doesn’t mean we can’t plan to make the day special - albeit in a different way. So, rather than dwelling on what you’re missing out on, start putting in place some activities and ideas that will help to make the time pass and make it a Christmas to remember, for all the right reasons!

Downgrade your usual expectations

Once you’ve consoled yourself with the fact that you’ll be alone this Christmas you can start to shift your assumptions about what to expect. There’s no shame in being alone, in fact it might even be a welcome change to the usual ‘discussions’ regarding who cooks the turkey and worrying about who Uncle Fred will upset this year!

Be Proactive

Make a plan for yourself - and make it all about you. It’s time to accept that this year will be different and make the change a positive one for you, and you alone. If you sit around waiting for others to make sure you’re going to have a nice time you’ll very likely be sorely disappointed.

Buy the food you love - for once this year it doesn’t have to resemble a Christmas dinner plate if that’s not your favourite meal. Treat yourself to something lovely - perhaps a good book you’ve been hoping to read or that cashmere jumper you’ve been coveting. Sleep until noon, binge on your favourite films, podcasts, radio programmes. Do whatever makes you happy.

This year is your year to do whatever you enjoy. We all hope to be back to normal next year, so take the time to make this year special.

Get some Fresh Air

One way to get through the day is to break it up with a trip outside. Go out and do something productive, rather than spending the whole day indoors feeling sluggish and sad, find something that fits with your mental and physical health. So perhaps you need to burn off some energy with a walk, cycle or a run. Often there is a lovely, friendly atmosphere outside on Christmas day and you might find yourself saying hello to strangers and receiving some festive greetings that will boost your mood. Enjoy seeing the children on their new bikes and roller skates, soak up some Vitamin D and perhaps put a spring in your festive step.

If you would prefer something more meditative or spiritual, you might look for a socially distanced church service, which would be a lovely way to be in the presence of others and to take time to practice some gratefulness for all the positive things in your life. Because, remember, there really are many good things to be thankful for.


Doing good and looking out for others seem like very fitting ways to spend the Christmas period. 

Added to that, put simply, volunteering is very good for you. Giving your time to help others has been shown to improve both your mental and physical wellbeing. Your immune system is boosted, brain function improves and the social benefits can reach well beyond the interaction you encounter during your volunteering ‘shift’.

Despite Covid-19 there are plenty of organisations seeking help to support their work throughout the festive season.Offering to help at your local Foodbank or to support an elderly or less able person in your community can be a hugely rewarding way to spend your Christmas day, and could stave off the loneliness you and others may be feeling. Perhaps contact your local library, councillors or church now to find out what services might be looking for support and volunteers.

Reach out for Help

Christmas can be an overwhelmingly difficult time and it’s ok to feel the extra pressure this year. Many people will have felt an enormous impact on their mental health this year and that may feel more acute at this time of year when you would normally expect to see friends and family. If you’re struggling to see any positives or feel like you need some extra support, charities like Mind , The Samaritans, Re-engage, and The Campaign to End Loneliness, have helplines (some are 24/7) and dedicated staff who are there to help and support you with through this time.

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