Philips Heartstart® FRX defibrillator – semi-automatic

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Ideal for harsh environments, this AED is easy to use, rugged and reliable. A defibrillator that is always ready to use by the first person to arrive at a sudden cardiac arrest.

• Designed for use in extreme environments, e.g. heavy rain, during a flight or in industrial locations

• Can withstand jetting water, loads of up to 250kg and drops up to a metre onto a concrete floor

• Voice prompts and visual icons guide the user through the crucial steps needed

• Semi-automatic – administers the right shock at the press of a button

• CPR coaching can guide the rescuer in real time

• Can be used on infants and children with infant/child key – for appropriately reduced energy dose and adapted CPR prompts

• One size SMART pads II for both adults and children are pre-connected to save time

• FREE soft carry case when purchasing this defibrillator.

Suitable for: First responders with minimum training

Contents: Defibrillator, one lithium battery, one pair SMART pads II, user guide, quick reference guide and owner’s manual

    Product Information

    At a glance:

    Semi automatic 

    Manual override: No

    Screen: Yes

    ECG display: No

    ECG capability: Can be downloaded via Infared Wireless Transmission

    Voice prompts: Yes

    Battery: Lithium - 4 year replacement guarantee

    Pads / electrodes: Adult non-side specific pads - 2 year shelf life

    Pads pre-connected: Yes

    Energy selection – adult: 150 Joules

    Infant/child capability: Yes, using young adult SMART pads II with infant / child key (optional extra)

    Energy selection - child: 50 Joules

    Self tests: Yes

    IP rating: IP55

    Drop abuse/tolerance: 1m

    Training version available: yes Laerdal HeartStart® FRx defibrillator trainer

    Guarantee: 8 years

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