Chemical Toilet Port-Potty Portable Manual Flush

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This chemical toilet can be supplied with a stand, which adds stability. The stand also makes the toilet height-adjustable and adds supporting hand rails that make it easier to sit and stand. In other words, it makes this portable toilet an excellent option for the disabled, the elderly, those with balance difficulties, or less mobile users. 

The toilet itself has two sections, one for waste and the other containing the flushing mechanism and seat. The tank can be sealed for easy transport and unlike some portable toilets, it is suitable for users up to 28 stone or 182kg.

The performance of a chemical toilet also depends on the chemicals used. We can supply this with Aqua Kem to keep odours to a minimum, or Aqua Rinse for easier cleaning. 

    Product Information

    Specifications of Toilet

    • Height 414mm (161/4").
    • Width 379mm (15")
    • Depth 419mm (161/2")
    • Tank capacity 21 litres (4.6 gallons)
    • Max user weight 182kg (28 1/2st)
    • Weight 4.1kg (9lb)

    Specifications of Frame

    • Height of tray from floor that holds toilet 55 - 155mm (2 - 6")
    • Height of Side Rails 725mm (28 1/2")
    • Width 406mm (16")
    • Depth 520mm (20 1/2")
    • Weight 5.7kg (12lb)